Native to Thailand.  New to the UK.

The Ice Alchemists is a unique offering of the latest dessert trend sweeping the globe, ice cream rolls.

Join our ice cream revolution! This is Ice Cream...But not as you know it!

This modern style of ice cream is handcrafted in front of you on freeze plates in less than two minutes.  We also use the plates to create frozen cocktails, frozen yoghurt, and frozen health drinks.

The freshest ingredients, the tastiest flavours, whipped up into delectable ice cream rolls in just moments.  Served in ice cream tubs and finished with your choice of sauce and topping,  they are sure to wow your guests.

Who are we?

The Ice Alchemists is based in the North West of England and is proud to be one of the only outlets in the UK to offer ice cream rolls at your event.

We are available for hire at festivals, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, private occasions and corporate events.

What makes us unique?

Our commitment to quality ingredients

We serve quality desserts. We only make fresh dairy ice cream, there is no soft-serve ice cream mix here.

Our ice cream base is handmade by Steve and his family at the Handmade Ice Cream Co in the Lake District.  The whole milk and double cream comes straight from his own small herd of Jersey Cows.

Our Environmental Focus...

We choose to use a quality fresh ice cream base as opposed to a soft-serve style mix, which is laden in naughty palm oil and chemicals.

We use 100% compostable ice cream tubs and spoons.

The Limitless Menu...

Menu options are limitless and we are committed to using ingredients that are appropriate for the time of year and the specific event we are catering to.  Pretty much any food item can be cut in to our ice cream rolls and we can make it any colour...style your ice cream to your event!

So what are you waiting for?

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