About Us


We are a family; The Ice Alchemists was founded by Becky and Woody along with their two children, three chickens, Binky the cat and a goldfish.

For years they experimented with food and drink at home.  Woody is a regular brewer of real ale and makes all of their bread, pizza dough and breakfast muffins.  He loves to spice things up by creating new and interesting flavours in all his produce, he finds it impossible to leave a recipe alone.

Becky loves to bake and makes a killer chilli jam. Her love of Ice Cream started young as she made regular trips to Frederick’s Ice Cream parlour in Chorley, Lancashire, with her large family.  An Ice Cream and a walk along the canal was a bit of a ritual for her.

Ice Cream Rolls found them in 2016 and they have been playing around with flavour combinations for this modern take on Ice Cream and searching for the right outlet ever since.

In 2017 their second child, Samson, was born with severe allergies including cow’s milk protein.  Becky was vegetarian for years and had to give up dairy along with the other 14 main allergens due to breastfeeding Samson, he would react to the tiniest amount of cow’s milk he was getting passed on through her milk.  Samson is now thankfully allergy free but after such a journey Becky now finds herself Vegan and is committed to developing a Vegan offer for The Ice Alchemists.

In 2018 Becky and Woody were joined in the business by long-time friends Natasha and Kevin Machado.  Having Kev and Tasha on board helped to achieve a successful first year in business, which finished with a tour of pop-up shops in various Debenhams stores.  The foursome are now working away in our world of luxury desserts to bring them to more customers in 2019.

Oreo & Raspberry Ice Cream roll


We care about the food we serve and the planet we live on and complement our values with a fun, theatrical and engaging Ice Cream experience.

We make environmentally minded decisions such as to only provide biodegradable Ice Cream tubs and spoons.  We strive for quality and only serve quality Ice Cream rolls using an ice cream base made from Jersey cows on a dairy farm in Jersey.  There are no bad or hidden chemicals here.

We believe our customers deserve the best quality possible and we are constantly evolving our menu to be in line with our changing seasons, trends and the special requests we receive from our customers, and we put fun and theatre at the heart of all that we do.

About Ice Cream Rolls

Our Passion For flavours & Ice cream Rolls

We seriously respect how different we all are.  In every way of life our diversity is brilliant and we like to celebrate how very different our taste preferences are.

We work hard to create new and interesting flavours especially for you.  Our menu options are constantly changing and we love meeting new people to hear about their food loves and hates.  We honestly enjoy nothing more than creating a new ice cream roll flavour based on your food (and drink!) desires.  We also like to shock people with strange flavour combinations and prove to them how surprisingly well they work together!

Ferrero Rocher Booths Tub