What does our set up look like?

We are a mobile pop-up stall consisting of a 8 x 6 foot commercial gazebo with a wooden base, and a 1.5 metre wide double ice cream roll freeze plate machine, which is placed at the front of the food hut so you can see the ingredients and watch the spectacle of your ice cream rolls being created.

For some events, such as small-medium sized weddings, we bring just the machine, which has a professional finish with our logo on the front of it.

One or two Ice Cream Alchemists will be present depending on the number of guests.

About the machine

The machine is a 13AMP 220v fried ice cream machine and requires electricity.  It is the most environmentally friendly machine of its kind and we hold its SGS certificate, to prove it has been rigorously tested for safety and inspected for quality.  We also have its CE certificate as evidence for the quality of its electronic components.