Christmas and Ice Cream, Who Knew?

For all these years we, like many others, have thought that Christmas and all of its wintery goings on don’t exactly go hand in hand with ice cream. Well, it turns out that we may have been far too quick to judge.

With alchemy at work, ice cream can suit any occasion and any time of year, and we are talking about irresistible, can’t-live-without, “I need it in to my mouth immediately” type ice cream…! With our ice cream rolls you can literally add anything you want into the ice cream mix to make the ice cream of your dreams, and this means we have so much to play with.

Since ice cream rolls have been hiding in East Asia all these years, these ice-y treats haven’t really had the opportunity to play with Christmas flavours. Thankfully they have landed in the UK and since they are here to stay, we thought we had better get cracking experimenting with our much loved festive flavours.

So, we can confirm the following:

Spicy Gingerbread (aka Lebkuchen) ice cream rolls knock the socks off any other flavour. We are talking superior to Oreo Cookie, Nutella and Strawberry, Prosecco and Raspberry, Mango and Passionfruit, Cadbury’s Crunchie, the list goes on.

Pushing the finest Mince Pies through our handcrafted ice cream mix, which is made using beautiful milk and cream sourced from our local dairy farm, is an extremely satisfying and delicious experience. A true Christmas ice cream.

Christmas Pudding + ice cream = Yum!

So, you still think Christmas is too cold for ice cream? You need to try one of our new seasonal creations. They just might change your thinking.