Ice Alchemists Ramsbottom Stall

Thank you Ramsbottom! #chocfest18

We were thrilled to be a part of the tenth annual Ramsbottom Chocolate Festival.  The event was buzzing from start to finish with The Sun newspaper reporting the crowd was in excess of 60,000 people!

Each item on our menu was equally popular so we can’t really tell you what was the favourite ice cream roll flavour.  We had on offer:

*Mixed Berry and White Chocolate Pavlova*
*Salted Caramel Chocolate Bubbles*
*Belgian Chocolate Waffle*
*Kid’s portion Oreo Cookie Cream*

What we can tell you is that the salted caramel bubbles, which are a bit like your classic millionaire’s shortbread biscuits, were very hard to cut up on the machine and to push through the ice cream….but oh so worth the effort!  We all had some serious muscles by the end of Sunday, all because of these bad boys.

Check out pics of a truly great event here