Hire us for your Wedding

We love weddings because every wedding is different.  Book The Ice Alchemists and our amazing ice cream rolls for your wedding and we will bring entertainment and delicious food in the flavours and colours of your choosing to suit your unique and very special day.

Would you like to watch a slice of your wedding cake being turned into delicious ice cream rolls in just a couple of minutes? We take a slice of your wedding cake, push it through our decadent ice cream mix and produce a bespoke tub of ice cream rolls just for the Bride and Groom to enjoy.

Wedding Ice Cream Rolls

*Our ice cream rolls are made using a luxury ice cream base from a dairy farm in Jersey*

We can put anything in to our ice cream rolls, from chocolate to cake, donuts, biscuits, and even the more unusual food combinations such as green olives and white chocolate (together, they work!).  You can check out are menu or tell us your favourite foods and let us create a bespoke ice cream menu for your wedding day.

To hire us for your wedding please complete the contact form and we will be in touch.